About As

Hello. We are “Desina Ballkan”, an Albanian company, specialized in processing fresh fruit and vegetable. Albania has diversity in its ecosystems and contrasting habitats for flora. It is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. The agricultural products are adapted to survive long hot summers and prolonged wet periods in winter.
Established since 1996, our goal has always been to offer consumers a unique product, creating a sense of home.
We emphasize freshness and taste, that is why everything is natural, made from fresh fruit or vegetable, with no preservatives and no artificial flavorings. Our products are authentic.
We use hand-picked produce from our local farmers. The produce comes from lands that have been fertile for decades, being taken care of and favored by our climate.

Peppers/capiscum are a traditional vegetable found in our region. In years, we have perfected the art of pickled peppers and we offer variety, like the pickled pepper filled with cabbage. It is a staple side dish in every home.

Apples are different in color and gathered from fields around us, but combined together, they make marmalade, the perfect dessert, which can be eaten as is, or used in other recipes. We humbly say that our company is the first who started making apple marmalade.
Apple cider vinegar is also something we are very proud of. It is not filtered and it is 100% bio.

The fig marmalade is made from harvested fresh wild figs. Figs are richer in carbohydrates and fat than bread. They are full of fiber and vitamins and minerals. To enjoy all year round, we offer you whole wild fig preserve, ideal to take your recipes to the next level.